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Blindspotting Health!

Blindspotting Health!

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14-Feb-2018 / By Admin

Overhead Water Storage is a dire necessity in Indian homes. With non continuos water supply, an overhead tank can be seen on almost every house, on every skyline. With today's customer longing for best quality materials where safety and health is prime concern, water tanks remain the most neglected part of a house. Water being in directly contact with our bodies forms a prime connection with healthy and hygienic lifestyle. 

Conventionally plastic or concrete tanks are the only option available to the modern households for their water storage needs. In a recent survey in more than 500 overhead house tanks, it was observed that 78% had algae growth above acceptable limits. 85% had silt bed more than 2 inches ( a good bed for bacterial & fungi growth) and 1 in every 5 tanks had aerbic and anaerobic bacterial growth which was unsafe for human contact.

Why is there such a massive unhygienic environment in the water we are 24 hours in contact with? The answer lies in 2 prime factors.

1.) It was observed almost all plastic tanks had some amount of sunlight passing through them, sunlight is a food for algae and it is almost impossible to eliminate algae if there is a penetration of sunlight. Algae forms a breeding ground for many bacterias and itself is highly unsafe for domestic contact.

2.) Secondly the shape of conventional water tanks make it very clumsy for cleaning, resulting in heavy negligence for cleaning. The flat bottom shape of most of the tanks do not allow to clean the tank efficiently. Being no drain provision in the tank bottom forms a perpetual bed of silt, dirt and other organic and inorganic substances which are all sufficient to make you sick.

Keeping in view these common woes of households internationally stainless steel water tanks are a big hit amongst the customers of varied needs, capacities and applications. With the increased awareness amongst Indian households, the society has now got an option which can prove a milestone in water hygiene and cleanliness. 

A small change in opting for a responsible solution can help create healthy & hygienic homes for lifetime. As far as an old saying goes “ There is never a wrong time to do the right thing” 

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